Holistic Practice

How does it all work and why consider a holistic approach to your life?

Holistic health care practitioners consider patients as a unity of body, mind, emotions and the systems in which they live in as a whole. In order to appreciate the forest we cannot walk through it and see the trees being separate from the sky or the animals being separate from the earth. We need to acknowledge the entire ecosystem working as a unit that makes up the forest, just as a holistic practitioner considers the physical aspects of health along with the balancing of energies and removal of blockages. The aim is to achieve homeostasis and raise our vibration, in order to do that the energy needs to flow!

Holistic Healing is recommended in instances of stress, past trauma, unresolved emotions and conditioning as well as in instances of toxic relationships that have caused energy to become blocked or stagnant within our own energetic system. These blockages can often manifest themselves in physical means such as infection, disease and pain as well as Emotionally in far too many ways. The healing process releases blockages that could cause an individual to repeat negative cycles trapping them into lifetimes of addiction and abuse over and over again.

But wait… I hurt my ankle walking up the stairs, does that mean a demon has taken up residence in my ankle????

For Odens sake the answer is NO. Accidents happen all the time and as a child from the 80’s and semi professional sportsman, I know this to be true. It is all those little accidents, bouts of bad luck and karmic throw backs that teach us and sometimes not so gently guide us along in our adventure. In life, when these hiccups occur they can leave us in states ranging from lightly scarred to totally disabilitated to dead.

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. Our bodies are amazing and can repair themselves to a certain extent. The healing always begins automatically through intention and touch. Can you remember your parents placing their loving hand over your knee after you scraped it being a kid or kissing your finger after an incident with the car door? What you we’re experiencing is known as sympathetic magic, a form of healing using the vibrational frequency of love to heal you on all levels, not just the physical plane. Love resonates at 600hz and is an exceptionally powerful emotion!

Holistic Healing looks at your lifestyle as a whole and uses tools including; the voice, sound, gentle touch, sun gazing, compassionate listening, crystals, essential oils, visualization and meditation as well as looking at diet, exercise and sleep patterns to achieve a gentle and non invasive way that addresses both physical and emotional imbalances.

In cases of severe pain, broken bones or near fatal incidents it is always wise to seek out medical advice as we currently reside on the physical plane and without our physical body our spirit can no longer stay here. Currently Holistic methods are being used in conjunction with Western Medicine as the two forms of magic complement each other. Holistic Medicine creates awareness in the body using natural remedies, ancient technology and solutions to heal wounds, pain management or overcome psychological blocks and trauma avoiding further damage and side effects caused by procedures and foreign substances placed in side our bodies

As a Holistic practitioner the final outcome is not a diagnosis of symptoms and treatment, instead a method to raise awareness and modify or remove the source of disruption in homeostasis of our mind, body and spirit and in turn balance our energy systems, raising our vibration and taking a step towards assisting the ascension of mankind and overall optimize the future well being of our home – Planet Earth.

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