New Moon Intention Setting

On your marks, get set… not so fast! Make sure you have tied up the last of your Scorpio projects. In just over 2 hours the moon reconnects with her other half and completes a cycle that started over 28 days ago.

The new Moon is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start on a clean slate. An opportunity to set intention for the Moon to come. When setting your intentions you need to really get into it, the more focused the better.

Here are several methods you can use for intention setting. Use one, use them all.

Spoken word – create a mantra that you can use as an affirmation through out the Moon. Make sure the phrase is clear, precise and easy to remember. It should also be of a positive nature so use your words wisely.

Written word – using this method you are able to secure your intentions in your mind by writing them down, this gives you the opportunity to carefully consider and review the words that you use and structure them for maximum effect. You could carry your intentions around with you to keep you on the right path.

Focus and visualisation – by calming the mind and focusing your attention on what you intend to achieve you are able to clearly visualise the outcome and clear away obstacles blocking the path to your achieving your goals.

Ritual – create a ritual that embellishes your ideal outcome, using sound, candles and incense you invite the senses to take a journey. Your ritual need not be complicated and intense instead aim to draw in universal light and ask for guidance. Be humble in the face of your gods and work to maintain the symbiotic relationships.

Sharing your intentions with a close friend gives you the opportunity to verbalise and secure the intention as well as adds a sense of accountability. Try and blend your intentions into your daily life and routine as repetition add its own weight and at the same time try not to have total control over your intentions. You need to have trust and surrender to the higher power and believe that you are on the right path. Follow the right Path.

Until then,

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