Waning Crescent Moon

A time to let go and let nature takes its course.

All has already been said and done and now our emotive Moon is on her way home to the masculine Sun, our sense of self. It is a celebration that stokes the flames in the hearts of mankind to continue their journey through the Zodiac providing sustenance with the ability to overcome obstacles and remove blockages in search of a higher vibration.

During this time of the waning Moon we also need to consider our past intentions and how we could possibly adapt them to a more desired outcome. This is a time for surrender, a time to let go, a time to let nature take its course and be kind to yourself as some things will always be out of your control. When considering our past decisions and actions it is important not to set new intentions but instead rather ride out the karmic wave by meditating and taking care of yourself to start afresh on the cusp of a new Moon. You may feel empty at this time and things may have come and gone. This feeling is normal as you have just gone through and are coming to the end of an entire Lunar cycle.

As we leave Scorpio and enter fiery Sagittarius season from the 23rd November all the way through to the 21 December we very much look forward to the dynamic and mutable energy of our beloved Archer. Our moon will become new on the 26th of November in Sagittarius.

Until Then,


Published by Healing Journey

We maintain that the best place to start is at the beginning..

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