Release, Let go and Forgive – The Last Quarter

Last Quarter Event

19 November 2019 @ 23h12 pm

Johannesburg, South Africa

Moon Set: 11h12 am

There is a very useful window that opens up in the Lunar cycle as the Moon enters the last portion of her Waning stage. The theme for the entire Waning segment is centered around Harvest, Release, Gratitude, Banishing, Removal, Cessation and Severing. As I am sure you can see that these themes range from one extreme to the other and it is often difficult to navigate this stage of the Lunar Cycle so let’s have a quick look at what to focus on when the Moon forms a Square to the Sun during the Waning Moon.

During every Lunar cycle we would have been hurt, betrayed or angered, this is life. Think of a time this may have happened to you recently. Perhaps there is something in your life that is causing more harm than good because just like the moon has been gradually waning, preparing herself to get to this point.. so have you!

It is under this Moon and Sun Configuration at this point in the Lunar cycle that you NOW have the opportunity to release anger and let go of all grudges. You have to purge yourself of all these negative energies blocking your path to receive new intentions. This is important in order to set your new intentions during the next Event, New Moon.

Your conscious being belongs to YOUR physical body on this plane and it is your responsibility to get rid of anything no longer serving you and to cleanse the emotional and physical clutter that chokes our potential to move forward and see our intention come to fruition.
Before we go off and do anything drastic lets start with a nice and simple, practical physical cleanse. I personally enjoy this one and it is easy to grasp the effectiveness of this exercise.I want you to take the items that you carry around with you, handbags, man bags, briefcases, satchels, sports bags, wallets, purses, make up bags…… Yes.

Take a moment to quiet yourself, get a bit of space from the chaos and consciously clean these items out. Get into all the nooks and crannies of your life and see what comes to light, take the time to observe and feel and then get rid of everything that no longer serves you.. consciously 🙂
I am still genuinely amazed at how effective this simple practice can be and the spin-off that opens up the way to a whole new intention.

If you would like to delve deeper into this theme or need guidance and assistance please do not hesitate to make contact.

Ciao for now,


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