Full Moon Event

12 November 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa

Full Moon 15h35, Moon Rise 18h29, Sun set 18h32

One of my fondest moments in life so far is standing on a beach in Port Elizabeth ogling the most glorious colours of the setting Sun, while the Moon in all of her splendour was rising up on the eastern horizon.  I remember observing the people standing on the beach and realising that they had no knowledge of what our Moon was up to, and that if only they knew, their experience would be twice as nice indeed.  It is in these moments we find clarity.

At 15h35 on 12th November the Moon is going full in Taurus in the Second House, opposing the Sun in Scorpio in the Eighth House.  Remembering that when two Luminaries form aspects to one another there is a window period before and after the event, and you need to look at harmonising these forces.  When the opposition aspect is formed it has a challenging effect on the two opposing planets.  Mind sets are shifting to a more symbiotic way of life and harmonising energies is becoming an apparent method in achieving homeostasis.  Look to harnessing the polarities by working with the surrounding aspects, as often during these times of discontentment the source of frustration is from the outside. 

Ever since our Moon went new, she has been gradually waxing and is now half way through her cycle. The Full Moon is the third event in the lunar cycle and the major theme here is Harvest.  During this time you will have an opportunity to harvest your intentions from previous New Moons.  Be open to receiving; results could be seen as new opportunities presenting themselves to you at this time, or as simple as genuinely quantifiable outcomes of intentions set, and of course your dedication to the cause. Pay attention during this window or you will surely miss out.. but!! do not get overly attached to anything during this time as the cycle is not yet complete.

Our gorgeous spring Moon will be waning from here on forth.  Once the Full Moon event is over and our Moon is Waning to the Last Quarter you will need to shift your mind set to Gratitude.  You will be benefiting from the last two weeks of hard work and it is important to give back, share and spread the enthusiasm for a life well lived, because there truly is magic in everything!

Whenever information comes to light for you please ever mind the Rule of Three.  “An’ ye harm none, do what ye wilt.”

Until then,

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