Call To Action – The First Quarter

4 November 2019 @ 12:24pm

Johannesburg, South Africa

Moon Rise: 11:31am

She fades away in the Last Quarter, is reborn on the New Moon, gathers strength during the Waxing Crescent and currently sits as a vulnerable young Moon on the verge of blossoming to reach her full potential.

During the time of the new moon and through out the waxing crescent phase, you may have noticed a calm yet driving feel to your daily life and activities. You should already have a solid plan and clear intentions for the chaos that is about to unfold.. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. You may want to put on your seatbelt, safety first, it’s often bumpy the first couple of times around. So do not fear as we plough ahead and allow are conscious minds to be guided by the Moon.

You may be able to already have started to put together a picture of how the Moon moves through the zodiac. Kissing the Sun goodbye and traveling to her furthest point, all the way creating, discovering and learning, to return home safely full of experience, knowledge and wisdom to gently rest until her next cycle unfolds. To simplify the Moons journey, the cycle has been broken up into events and chapters of time. Events occur when the two planets in question form an angle to one another, in this case the Luminaries, The Sun and Moon. Depending on the aspect formed, these are events open a new window in time which enables us to channel our energy into certain directions to better serve our cause.

The chapters in this case refer to the periods of time between each event when our Moon is busy waxing and waning. During these chapters we tend to get caught up in our daily life and get distracted from our goals and these times can feel so incredibly drawn out that often it feels like there is no train, no tunnel, no light and no purpose. Be patient, the Moon is always changing and timing is crucial.

The first Quarter event is your call to action. This is when your first obstacles will appear. Solidify your intentions by making action plans, to do lists or daily activities or tasks to take care of. Be flexible though and don’t give your energy away in frustration when obstacles and blockages appear. Keep your goals in mind and keep moving forward, once the moon starts on her journey to oppose the sun you will need to refine and hone your course of action, make sure you are walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Be kind, meditate, prioritise your action plan and take the first few steps to greater realisation.

I wish you all the best!


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